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Admiralty & Maritime Law Firm Resources

The Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

The entire Longshore & Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act is a part of maritime law that provides details on the medical and compensation benefits for workers injured on wharfs, piers, docks, marine ways and shipping terminals. If you have suffered an injury while working in any way on a vessel, contact Moschetta Law Firm to see if you are eligible to recover financial compensation

The Jones Act

The Jones Act is a part of maritime law that includes details and restrictions for offshore injury. Claims filed under The Jones Act must show that the employer exhibited negligence that resulted in the injury of the worker. If you think you’re eligible to file a claim under the Jones Act, contact one of the Jones Act experts at Moschetta Law, a maritime law firm

The Defense Base Act

The Defense Base Act is a maritime law that is an extension of The Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. It explains compensation and benefit protection for civilians working overseas for the U.S. Government and on U.S. military bases. This includes both residents and non-residents of the US. If you believe you meet the requirements of a defense base act, contact the maritime law firm of Moschetta Law today.

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