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DynCorp International


DynCorp International is a global services provider that specializes in delivering solutions for defense, international development, and diplomacy. DynCorp originated from Land-Air, Inc. and California Eastern Airways, both of which were founded in 1946, and now has over 14,000 employees worldwide. The company’s focus on logistics, contingency operations, platform support, and training and mentoring combine to support a safer and more stable world.

DynCorp offers services in five distinct verticals:

Aviation, through which DynCorp provides support for over 100 locations worldwide – even austere and hostile locations – while still achieving the optimal level of operational readiness. DynCorp ensures that aircraft are reliable, safe, and expertly-maintained, regardless if they are being used to train pilots or transport the nation’s leaders.

Intelligence, which helps protect the United States and all allies through integrated intelligence solutions that enable quick and accurate decision-making. DynCorp educates and trains the next generation of intelligence professionals, collects and analyzes intelligence needed to make important decisions, and aids intelligence missions regardless of the location or condition.

Logistics, which means delivering tailored and unique solutions that meet the needs of individual companies. DynCorp develops programs that are self-sustaining and fill the roles of operations and maintenance, site management and development, security, communications, and training. Their teams can easily organize and deploy workforces, technology solutions, and materiel wherever and whenever they are needed.

Operations, through which DynCorp integrates real-world experience and expertise with innovative planning to ensure operational readiness, mobilization, sustainment, and development. Their flexible solutions can be quickly crafted to meet the requirements of any situation and can be delivered globally.

Training, which can be basic or advanced and crafted to suit any situation and any location. DynCorp’s mentoring and training focus mostly on security sector reform, but also support defense and interior in underdeveloped nations in the process of recuperating from political instability or conflict.

Company address and website

DynCorp International Corporate Headquarters
1700 Old Meadow Road
McLean, VA 22102

+1 (571) 722-0210