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Service Employees International Union

Service Employees International Union


Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a labor union that represents over 2 million members throughout North America, specifically within the healthcare, property services, and public services industries. Founded in 1921 as the Building Services Employees Union, SEIU has grown to reflect an increasingly diversified membership. This union is united by a belief in the workers and all the services they provide, and it is dedicated to bettering the lives of these workers and their families.

SEIU members fall into three main industries:

Healthcare, including nurses and doctors, nursing home and home care workers, dietary aides, lab techs, and environmental service workers. The healthcare arm of SEIU is comprised of over 1.1 million members, making it the largest healthcare union in all of North America.

Public Services, which includes over 1 million government workers, bus drivers, child care providers, and public school employees. Nearly 80,000 of these workers are child care and early learning professionals.

Property Services, which includes janitors, maintenance and custodial workers, security offers, window cleaners, arena and stadium workers, and others. Over 386,000 property services workers have joined SEIU, which ensures that low-wage employees receive the economic and social justice they deserve.

Company address and website

SEIU Corporate Headquarters
1800 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036

+1 (800) 424-8592