Maritime and admiralty law protects maritime workers and pleasure boat passengers.

Maritime accidents can come in a variety of forms but basically fall into two categories: recreational boating accidents and commercial boating accidents. If you are a maritime worker, harbor worker, longshoreman or passenger on a cruise ship, pleasure boat or other vessel it is important that you understand how the law affects you in the event of a boating accident or injury.

Boat Accidents

Accidents on rivers and the high seas can be extremely dangerous. Vessels on the water can collide with bridges, other vessels, reefs and large animals. These dangers can result in the vessel sinking or capsizing or result in injury to the crew and passengers.

There are also many other hazards such as people falling overboard, fires and severe weather. While nothing can be more exciting than sailing the waters, there are significant risks of boating accidents.

Cruise ship accidents

In addition to all the dangers of a traditional boating accident, cruise ships offer additional conditions that can lead to accidents. Cruise ships, with the large variety of onboard activities and facilities has a higher risk for personal injury to crew and passengers. Accidents on cruise ships can create a variety of legal challenges as many accidents involve international law and cases are resolved at city of port.

Towboat accidents

Towboats and tugboats are responsible for guiding and maneuvering large vessels or ships through harbors. These vessels are usually much larger and heavier than the tugboat and create hazardous conditions for the crew.

Barge accidents

Barges are slow to maneuver due to their size and weight. This can result in a dangerous situation when another vessel or object is in their path. When this happens it is often not possible for the crew to prevent a barge accident.

Offshore Oil Rig Accidents

Offshore oil riggers are susceptible to a wide variety of dangers. Crews work tirelessly and must be alert at all times. Oil rig injuries often involve explosions, heavy equipment failure and falls on the oil decks.

Tanker accidents

Tanker accidents are usually the result of human error or explosions. When a tanker is damages at sea it can result in serious injury or death along with spills that can cause serious environmental issues.

Boating accident lawyers

If you are involved in a boating accident on a river or in the high seas, it is important to understand how maritime law affects you in these situations. An experienced maritime and admiralty lawyer can help you navigate the ins and outs of maritime law.